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What is Boiler Breakdown Cover and why get it?

Boiler Breakdown Cover is insurance which covers you if your boiler decides to breakdown then depending on the cover you won't have to pay a penny towards getting it fixed. This can mean a tradesmen (CORGI registered) may be sent out to fix it with spares or a replacement if the boiler is past fixing all for free or a lower price depending again on the policy that you take out.

It's often the case that your boiler breaks down at the most inconvenient times often on a freezing winters day, the worry of getting a gas installation technician when they are all very busy and the cost will always be on your mind with cover. With boiler breakdown cover you get the peace of mind that no matter what you will be covered and your boiler fixed within no time.

The cost of boiler break down cover varies from provider to provider and so we have compiled a straight forward no nonsense table below so that it's easy for you to see what each offers and the price. Once you have found the cover that is appropriate for your boiler than apply online for the best deal and you will then get confirmation via email that you are covered giving you peace-of-mind.

Boiler Cover Provider
Cover Details
Price per month

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Home serve

Homeserve have some great boiler cover policies that will give you that peace of mind that if your boiler does breakdown you'll be covered and get fixed in no time.
From only £6.63 per month

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British Gas HomeCare

British Gas have some top boiler break down policies and so we recommend having a good look at the offers they have. They have some of the best value as well as lowest prices per month available.
From only £6.61 per month

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Npower have some good policies that protect your pocket from breakdown cover costs if it does decide to pack up on you.
From only £10.50 per month

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Remember to make sure you apply for your Boiler Breakdown Cover online as it is often the best deal online, if you ring up it will often cost more per month.

Additional information on Boiler Breakdown Cover

Costs of repairing boilers can be very expensive, one of the most common faults that causes breakdown is the heat exchanger and this can cost upwards of £300 to replace, the circuit of boilers which is essentially the computer brain behind controlling the boiler can cost over £200 to repair or replace. If several components fail on your boiler then the price can go into thousands and this doesn't include the tradesmen costs on top of this. Therefore what you may think will cost a couple hundred may eventually cost over a £1000 and this often comes at a time when money is tight and could be spent on more important things, often christmas time when you could be spending that money on food, drink and presents for family and friends.

Cover can start from only £6 per month, which will give you peace of mind and take the stress from the situation if your boiler does decide to breakdown at any time, day or night in the year. Cover often includes an annual gas safety check which can give you peace of mind that your boiler isn't leaking when you don't know about it causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

More information

It is often advisable when searching for Boiler Breakdown Cover to look at policies from several providers rather than simply going to one website and ordering, this is as you can save money on a similar or identical policy from a different provider, now this can take time so we understand this and have taken that element of time away by doing all the running around (or clicking around) from website to website to get all the information and then put it in the simple table above, this means that you can simply visit this website for your boiler cover and then check the table for a policy that suits you and a price that suits you then go to the website via the link and order. This will save you both time and money as well as giving you the peace of mind once you have actually got the cover itself.

We have heard stories from people who have not bought cover for their boiler and have had a breakdown which has ended up costing them thousands and even meant they have had to buy an entirely new boiler which costs thousands. Now if they had bought cover they would have only paid a small amount per month and this would have covered the breakdown cost.

Boiler Breakdown cover was set up so that you get the best help possible in making the right decision for you, although we only offer information and anything must be taken with your own choice we cannot be responsible for any advice on these pages. We believe that we can give you the final information that you need in order to make that decision to get your boiler covered and make sure if your boiler does break down on you then you can be covered.


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